Pension Management

Since regulatory changes to pensions, introduced in April 2015, pensions are now both a flexible and tax efficient way of saving for your future. We can help you ensure your pensions form the cornerstone of funding the retirement you want to enjoy.

Multiple pension pots

You will probably have accumulated various pension pots over the years. Some of these pensions will be good, with very competitive ongoing charges, and some will be poor with expensive charges. We can review your current arrangements and advise on the best way forward – this can often save you money in the long term and ensure your pension funds are more growth efficient. Many clients like to keep life simple and choose to bring all their pension pots together - making ongoing management easier and simpler. Arrange a consultation now.

Pension advice

Our recommendations on your pension position will be designed to reflect your aspirations and desires. We will tailor our advice to suit you, your goals and your plans for retirement. We will keep an eye on charges to ensure that you benefit from any growth - not the investment companies - and using our wealth management skills we will maximise your returns for the minimum of risk.

Whatever your future plans, we can advise on the best way forward and do all of the coordinating to ensure your pension arrangements are relevant for your requirements. We can also manage your new arrangements on an ongoing basis, to ensure your pension works hard for you.

Your level of service

You can either become a customer or you can become a client. If you are a customer we are happy to service your requirements on a one-off basis and then in the future as you require.

If you become a client we will have an ongoing relationship. We will report on your arrangements and we will meet at least once a year, to review and ensure your pension is on track.

Arrange a consultation

Denis Mitchell is both a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner with advanced qualifications in pensions. Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation.